The Bulgarian keyboard

Everything you need to know about the Bulgarian keyboard:

You live in Bulgaria, or you often communicate with Bulgarians in writing. Therefore, you should know something about the Bulgarian keyboard. You may wonder what it is.

First of all, do you know that there are two types of Bulgarian keyboards? You may wonder what is the difference between them and which is the easiest one for you to use?

Still, here is everything you need to know about the Bulgarian keyboard.

The Bulgarian keyboard and what it has to do with the QWERTY keyboard

If you want to use a Bulgarian keyboard, you should know that there are two most widely used keyboard layouts. They are: “The keyboard layout of the typewriters and accounting machines”, also known as the БДС “BDS” and the other so-called “Phonetic” keyboard layout. The arrangement of the letters in the two designs is different and follows a different logic.

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The basics

Historically, the Bulgarians used the keyboard layout of the typewriters, produced in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Nowadays no one uses them, but some professions used these old typewriters until as recently as 15 years ago. As a result, even today, some people use a traditional, old typewriter style for their digital devices. It is called БДС /BDS/ style or Typewriter style.

It was not very simple to operate an old typewriter. When you press a letter key, a mechanical lever system strikes a hammer with a cast matrix of the corresponding letter towards the paper. The hammer strikes the paper through an ink-dipped ribbon which lies between the paper and the hammer. As a result, the letter is printed on the paper.

The BDS Bulgarian keyboard (Typewriter)

bulgarian keyboard bds

If you want to use this type of Bulgarian keyboard, you should know the logic behind it. With this keyboard, you can type the most commonly used letters О, Н, Т and А (all in Cyrillic) with your thumb and forefinger. Therefore, this keyboard gives you the opportunity to write with ease. This is its main goal.

If you take a look at the BDS keyboard, you will notice that the vowels and the semi-vowels are positioned at one side of the keyboard and the consonants are on the other. You will notice that with this Bulgarian keyboard you can use both hands as evenly as possible. The other thing you may notice is that this type of Bulgarian keyboard is not connected at all with the QWERTY layout.

The QWERTY keyboard

bulgarian keyboard qwerty

Maybe, you know everything about the QWERTY keyboard. Therefore, you also probably know that it is the most common keyboard layout for English. There are various alternative keyboard layouts also. The different countries may be using different standards. But most often they have modified QWERTY layouts.

Bulgarian keyboard – Phonetic

Bulgarian phonetic keyboard

If you want to make the most of your understanding of the Bulgarian keyboard, the phonetic layout is your solution. Maybe, it is easiest to use if you are a foreigner. In this layout, the positions of the most Bulgarian letters coincide with the corresponding letters of the QWERTY keyboard.

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See the three ways you can learn Bulgarian with Online Bulgarian:

  1. Self-learning
  2. Skype teacher
  3. Corporate Classroom training

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