Self learning – online course in Bulgarian language

Description of the self learning online course in Bulgarian language

If you are a foreigner, and you want to visit Bulgaria to travel, live or work there, knowing Basic Bulgarian will come very handy. You will be able to speak and understand the basis of the language, and you can use it in your daily experiences.

With that in mind, we created a basic Bulgarian course that will help you learn the language fast and with ease.

You can see and buy the online course here

What will this online course in Bulgarian language give you?

The course includes lexical and grammatical tools that can help you learn the Bulgarian language with ease.

With it you can organize your Basic Bulgarian knowledge in the field of phonetics, word formation and grammar. You can acquire your skills in the field of conversational style, sufficient for free communication.

When you finish the course, you can use your basic Bulgarian to successfully communicate with other Bulgarians all over the world.

After taking this course you will be able to have a better understanding when it comes to the Bulgarian lifestyle. This includes family relationships, work environment, entertainment, cuisine, and moods (at the street, school, university, office, and restaurants).

Who is this course suitable for?

This online course in Bulgarian language is perfect for you if you are a foreigner, who has been assigned to work or want to come and study in Bulgaria.

With it, it will be easy and seamless to integrate into the communicative continuum of our society. Knowing basic Bulgarian will help you increase your self-esteem, creative ability, and team-work.

Content of the online course in Bulgarian language

The content of the online application has two aspects

  1. Specific information about the Bulgarian language

    In the first one you will be taught by virtual tutors, and will learn about:

    • grammar rules initially translated into English;
    • structured information in a glossary containing all the words used in the course;
    • mini-dictionary after each topic.

    You will have access to a special dictionary button that gives you access to all the words you need. There is also a “Grammar Tables” button – a table of morphological rules that illustrate the knowledge system obtained in level A1.

  3. Communication in Bulgarian

The second aspect of the basic Bulgarian course will teach you about the communicative and cognitive fragments of the language.

It is comprehended through the speech of the characters, presented only in Bulgarian. These characters are foreigners from various countries who live in Bulgaria and whose paths are crossed in different life situations.

In the second part, theory from the first part of the online course in Bulgarian language is supported with conversations between the characters on topics, which we all come upon in our daily lives.

The content of this part displays the tradition and fashion, together with the preferences and tastes of both Bulgarians and foreigners living in Bulgaria.

To help you learn faster, we applied several technologies in the learning process.

Dynamic multimedia, interactive image, sound, animation, and text are combined to help you learn the maximum from the basic Bulgarian course. We also embedded subtitles to meet different needs of perceiving information.

After each topic, you will have grammar exercises that will help you absorb the knowledge easily, both spoken and written.

They are developed with additional game elements and will make you solve grammatical quizzes in a crosswords principle. With them, you can test your knowledge and repeat the exercises as many times as needed.

The animations we implemented in the basic Bulgarian course allow you to navigate in it with the well-known buttons: back, forth, pause and home page. This will help you control your own learning pace.

Who created this Bulgarian language course?

The course was created by one of the top university lecturers in Bulgaria In the field.

Professional actors in a sound recording studio made the audio for the course.

A team of great artists was involved in building the characters and the entire graphical design and animations.

Finally, after working more than two years on it they made it possible and now you have the opportunity to discover the Bulgarian language from the comfort of your couch, so just go ahead and do it!

You can see and buy the online course here