10 reasons to learn Bulgarian

Why learn Bulgarian?

Here we give you 10 reasons to learn Bulgarian.

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1. Learn Bulgarian to apply for a citizenship

If you have visited Bulgaria already, the chances are that you fell in love.

Might be with the country, the people who live here, the job opportunities or with a special someone. So you have decided that you want to move to Bulgaria and live your life here. You even want to call yourself a Bulgarian and apply for Bulgarian citizenship.

To do it, you must know the language people speak here. And this a good reason to learn Bulgarian.

2. You have to learn Bulgarian if you plan to study here

Bulgaria is offering a high-quality college education for students around the world.

If you want to become a specialist in medicine, law, economics or computer science, you can do it here. However, you must learn Bulgarian. It is because some of the classes are in Bulgarian.

So, if you want to study in Bulgaria, you might need to learn Bulgarian.

See the three ways you can learn Bulgarian with Online Bulgarian:

  1. Self-learning
  2. Skype teacher
  3. Corporate Classroom training

3. For sure it is better to learn Bulgarian if you want to work in Bulgaria

Bulgaria can offer you a high number of jobs, especially if you are skilled in IT.

Here you can find a great job with some of the biggest companies like Coca-Cola, HP, and IBM. However, you will have much higher chances to get that job if you learn Bulgarian.

That is why if you want to work here you need to learn Bulgarian.

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4. You plan to explore hidden “treasures”

Bulgaria is a small, beautiful country that can offer a lot to its foreign visitors.

With the high mountains and golden beaches, this eastern European country can provide something for everyone.

But why do you have to learn Bulgarian just to come and see Bulgaria?

Speaking the language is very useful when you travel through the country. If you plan on visiting the big cities like Sofia, Plovdiv or Burgas, you will be OK with English only. However, if you want to visit smaller towns and villages, you may need to learn Bulgarian.

Here is where you can take a deeper soak in the authentic Bulgarian culture.

Still, who knows, maybe you will find a hidden “treasure” in the Bulgarian mountains. Even if you don’t find one – to speak the language is the best way to connect with the locals.

That is why you need to make an effort when you are searching for a treasure.

5. Learn Bulgarian because of the rich history

Do you know that the Bulgarian alphabet uses Cyrillic symbols?

Saints Cyril and Methodius craft the alphabet for the Bulgarian people. However, sometimes Cyrillic is referred to as the “Russian Alphabet”. The fathers of the Bulgarian alphabet create it a long time ago in the 9th century. Some hundred years later it is spread by their scholars to other Slavic countries. These include Russia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Mongolia, and others.

The earliest inscription, written with these symbols, is dated from 931.

You can see it in a cave monastery near the village of Krepcha in Bulgaria. The earliest manuscript written in Cyrillic is the “Book of Sava”. It dates between the X and XI c.

That is why history is inspirational for you to learn Bulgarian.

6. Now you can learn Bulgarian easily

The Cyrillic alphabet is simple.

It is known to be the most precise one on the planet. It has a unique model which is the reason why you can learn it quickly. There is only one sound for every letter, with few exceptions. Thus, it makes the Bulgarian language straightforward to read and write.

An easy trick to learn the Alphabet – click here to see the blog post

In other words, what you speak, write and read is the same. It has only a few hidden sounds and specific combinations.

That is why you should not be afraid to learn Bulgarian.

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7. It opens the door to the other Slavic languages

Do you want to understand the nations from the Slavic group?  Learn Bulgarian!

You may ask why.

The language people speak in Bulgaria belongs to the southern branch of the Slavic language family. So do the languages of former Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, and others.

Therefore, if you want to understand the Balkan languages, learn Bulgarian.

Knowing it, not only you can speak with Bulgarians. You can reach to other nations like Macedonians plus to a great extent Serbians, Croatians, Slovenians, and Bosnians.

Therefore, the Bulgarian language is quite handy, especially when traveling around the Balkans.

Finally, the Bulgarian language can provide a solid basis for learning other Slavic languages including Russian and Polish.

8. To thank for the Bulgarian hospitality

Bulgarians are known for their hospitality, warmth and most of all respect to the foreigners.

If you visit a Bulgarian family, you will immediately feel at home. Enjoy the care of the hosts, the traditional meals and the best water you can get in the world. It was common in the past for the hosts to sleep on the floor if there is not enough space for their guests. Although you are not likely to see people sleeping on the floor today, the Bulgarian hospitality is still the same.

That is why local hospitality is a great reason to learn Bulgarian.

9. You want to start a new business or expand an existing one

The labor in Bulgarian is way cheaper than the rest of Europe. If you’re going to start a business in Bulgaria something that will help you is to know the Bulgarian language.

As a foreigner when you learn Bulgarian, you become unique. Thus, people here will treat you with great respect. For locals, you are not just another investor who speaks English. If you learn Bulgarian, you will get ahead of your competitors.

Still, that’s not all of it.

FORBES recently announced Sofia in the top 10 cities for launching a Start-up.  Do you want to try and bootstrap here? Understanding Bulgarian language is priceless if you plan to set up or expand your business here.

That is why business is one of the top reasons to learn Bulgarian.

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10. It will help you find the love of your life in Bulgaria

Lastly, the Bulgarian people are kind, loving and fun. Here you can not only find friends. You can meet the love of your life.

Most foreigners know that Bulgarian women are famous for their beauty. And Bulgarian men are smart, caring and generous. The country is a great place to meet new people and why not find your love.

And that’s even not the last reason to learn Bulgarian.

See the three ways you can learn Bulgarian with Online Bulgarian:

  1. Self-learning
  2. Skype teacher
  3. Corporate Classroom training

Still not convinced? Here are some extra reasons:

Knowing a language different from your native one allows you more freedom. Plus, it can open the door for you to a wide variety of possibilities.

Moreover, understanding a language that few people know is making you outstanding.

There is a vast amount of people who understand English, French, German, or Spanish. For that reason, if you want to be unique, you might want to turn to less popular language.

Furthermore, the Bulgarian language is incredibly beautiful and multi-phonics.

Every word has its deep meaning, and one can recreate every thought fabulously. For that reason, it will not only be useful but will give you pleasure also. Therefore, if you are inspired to learn a new language, learn Bulgarian.

Although Bulgaria may be a small country there is plenty to offer:

It has a history that will conquer you, beautiful scenery, welcoming people and melodious language.

In the end, these we believe are 10+ pretty good reasons to help you decide if you want to learn Bulgarian.

See the three ways you can learn Bulgarian with Online Bulgarian:

  1. Self-learning
  2. Skype teacher
  3. Corporate Classroom training

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