How to learn a foreign language quick and easy

How to learn a foreign language quick and easy

Teza Team

Everyone would like to learn a foreign language because they know that it opens a whole new world before them. That is why we introduce a tried-and-tested method of learning a foreign language.

In the first place, the desire and attitude are the most important – you cannot learn anything if your initial attitude is like: “It’s a mission impossible”.

You have to prepare and supply materials, because the goal is to learn as children do it – playing and having fun. You need a large white sheet (cardboard), colored pencils and motivation J

The method is called “Mind Map”, and its creator is Tony Busan. As a result of long observation and analysis, he found that it is easy and quick to learn a foreign language with the help of it. The Mind Map is a schematic representation of any topic you might choose. It is an easy and convenient way of presenting the material through key words or ideas. It can be drawn in a number of ways – like a branched tree, like a sun with several beams, or another figure that is easy for you to remember.

Here is an example of a Mind Map:

Online Bulgarian - tree graphic

At the core of the map lies the main idea (or the title of the lesson), and each subsequent branch appears under the topic of the main one. The goal is to be as colorful as possible, with more items to indicate the topic of the lesson.

What is the first thing we learn in a foreign language? Yes, it’s the alphabet. That is why we will make a mental map whose purpose is to teach us the Bulgarian alphabet.

At the bottom is the main topic – the Bulgarian alphabet from which starts the branched stems. They are quite bold at the base and thinning towards the end. Each branch is a subtopic of the previous one. In our case, we will have 30 branches for each of the letters in the Bulgarian alphabet, as well as sample words with the corresponding letter.

It has been proven that the brain remembers many times easier and faster when it comes to playing. It’s working the same way children discover the world – with colors, games and entertainment.

In this case, the mental map could help people of all ages and learning purposes.

The good thing is that you have no restrictions here – relax your imagination and have fun!

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