Corporate training

What is corporate training?

You represent a business or organization, and want your employees to learn Bulgarian language? Do you want special training for a specific topic? Do you want to have the opportunity to choose? How you want them to learn the language? Maybe online or offline, in your office or in the tutor’s learning center?

If yes, our corporate training program is the best for you. With it, you can help the staff learn Bulgarian language fast.

We can offer our students an interactive application and online cources as well as individual training and offline classes. Our teachers can come to your office, or the students can come to learn Bulgarian language in our training center. It all depends on your preferences. And if you are not located in Sofia, we still have a solution for you. We can offer individual training in major cities in Bulgaria, and our tutor will come to your office or home.

Finally, you can even choose if you want specific terminology to be covered. We can offer any level and most of the major supporting languages (English, French, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, etc.).

So, are you are interested in our corporate training program? Do you want to help your employees learn Bulgarian language?  If you are, send us an inquiry by following the link below. We will contact you shortly to discuss your needs and possibilities.

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