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Discover the Bulgarian Language – interactive online training

Description of the Self learning Bulgarian language training:

“Discover the Bulgarian Language” is a self paced interactive online Bulgarian language training for foreigners.

However, it is not a video lesson. Still, there are a lot of animated videos you will surely enjoy. It is an interactive web application. So you are receiving the best value of the modern language learning technology.

With “Discover the Bulgarian Language” course all you need to learn is a computer and some determination. In addition, you have the pleasure to do it from the comfort of your sofa.

In this Self Learning Course there are 10 parts. They will get you through the first language level: A1+.

Within the course you have some interactions and a lot of quizzes. That is why we recommend you to use a desktop or a laptop computer. This guarantees the best results.

The learning material is presented within the story of 5 foreigners. It all starts when they come to work and study in Bulgaria. Once they come here they often find themselves in funny situations. You will probably find them pretty similar to the ones you sometimes get yourself into.

Still, the basic grammar is explained clearly and illustrated by video animation.

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Bulgarian language training - Skype Teacher

Description of the Skype Teacher Bulgarian language training:

You can join the live online Bulgarian language training for foreigners over Skype.

With this online lesson you can enjoy a live top Bulgarian language tutor. Therefore, you can ask them anything in person and you can get all the answers to the difficult questions. This is why, when you choose this course, you get rid of all the traveling hustle and in the same time receive the best results.

You can choose a Skype course within two options:

First option is a personal Skype teacher. While, the second one is an live online group training for five or more people.

With the personal Skype teacher you get an online lesson in hours that you choose. We will do our best to provide you with the most convenient time slots for you. However, the group training has a fixed schedule. In most cases we provide it in the time of the day that allows for working people to follow trough.

As above said, the Skype Bulgarian language training is delivered in scheduled hours. So please check with the program first or send us an email for your desired option.

Moreover, you can choose any of these learning options:

  • Levels: (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2),
  • Specific group needs, for example: (school, university, business, Bulgarian residency language exam, etc.)
  • Supporting language: (English, French, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, etc.)

Please send an inquiry at info@onlinebulgarian.com. We will be happy to contact you shortly.

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Bulgarian language training - Corporate training

Description of the Corporate Bulgarian language training:

You can order any corporate language course option that you need. We are happy to prepare the perfect curriculum for you. Just tell us what you need and you can have a special tailored course for your staff.

You can choose to have the course in our training center in Sofia. Furthermore, we can organize it in your premises or deliver it personally at you employees’ home as well. It doesn’t matter if you are not based in Sofia. We can deliver onsite courses in most of the Bulgarian major towns or any place via Skype our online learning system.

The Corporate Bulgarian language training for foreigners includes any combination of delivery methods and learning preferences:

  • Self learning – interactive application,
  • Live Skype teacher,
  • Individual or group in person training (for some cities in Bulgaria).

Just tell us what you need and we will custom tailor your Bulgarian language training.

You can also choose the specific terminology and the pace of the program.

In addition, the training could cover any level: (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2),

Plus, we can deliver the training in any of these supporting languages (English, French, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, etc.).

Please send us an inquiry at info@onlinebulgarian.com. We will be happy to contact you shortly.

For more information click here.

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I studied Bulgarian with pleasure. The course is interesting and easy to understand: memorable and exciting stories, logically ordered and very helpful rules. Right now it’s helping me with my studies. Already I speak and write well, and use a specialized vocabulary, but wait with anticipation for the next level. Thanks to the team for the amazing job.

Riaz Amini

I can sum up the way Online Bulgarian displays the vocabulary and gramar with one word: Perfectly. This is way teachers, designers and developers should be incorporating a learning product.

Emma Ter-Avetisyan